Texas Independence Day

March 2, 1836

Today marks the day when Texas declared its independence from Mexico. Now several of my friends had this idea that today is also San Jacinto Day, which I’m sad to say is not for another month.(April 21, 1836). In fact, when Texas drew up the papers for its independence on this day 170 years ago, the battle at the Alamo was raging away.

Why is this day important? Well for starters it has the word “Texas” in it and Texans can always rally around anything that says “Texas”. It’s the day that separates our state from yours. Who ever heard of Rhode Island Independence Day? It’s the day when we became our own little republic and your state tugged at the skirt of some colonies who were calling themselves united. It’s a day when we stood up and refused to be oppressed by Mexico and their silly little moratorium on anglo immigrants. It’s a bit ironic that there was an anglo immigration problem that needed to be curtailed. Anyway, it’s when we said “gee, these Colonias are really swell, but we’re looking for something a bit larger. What do you have in the 262,000 miles plus range? Something the wife and kids can grow into.”

Why this day is important to me? I’m a Crockett. Granted, I’m not in a direct line from ol’ Davy (unless you look at some of the skewed family trees my relatives drew up), but we share a common great-great grand something which makes him a cousin and you’ve gotta support your family (generally speaking, of course).

Next month on April 21, we’ll talk about how naps can kill you and why, if your leader is in disguise, it’s a bad idea to salute or shout “hey, the president!” while being under guard.

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