How I learned…

…I was a moron.

It’s come to me gradually really; it’s not like it snuck up on me one day and **WHAM** I was a moron. It’s just through a series of life incidents that you play through your head that you realize, yes I am a moron according to the world.

Today’s proof came when I went to get the mail for the office. Our administrative assistant was out and since we have reports due Monday based off what we receive in the mail I thought it might be a good idea if I checked. I am on the way back to my office when I see a little sign on my door that reads “check the mail” but it’s on Diane’s wipe-off board so I’m thinking our supervisor sent Diane a note in e-mail. I process the mail and start distributing it when I tell Diane “our supervisor wants you to check your mail”. Diane figures out it’s the office mail so I set about sending our supervisor a note letting her know that’s already done. The note I get back reads “You need to open up the mail, remove it from the envelopes, date stamp it and then distribute it. I don’t have time to process the mail, that is going to be up to you, Diane and Kathleen.” Really? That’s how you process the mail? The mail I already distributed?

I shouldn’t be mad, I suppose. I’m clearly one step above drooling and need these detailed instructions. Thank GOD she’s there for me to remind me about the little things or else I’d have to go back to the adult diapers and the feeding tube again.

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