Jay & Seth

No, this isn’t a story about Jay & Seth . I know, you saw a new post and were expecting some insight or maybe a comment on a commonality between the two.  Let’s see, ok, ummm… Seth once lived in a commune in Canada (there’s a Wiki about it, but see how this isn’t actually hyperlinked, that’s because I’m a BAD friend and don’t know the site off the top of my head) and Jay once lived on an Apache reservation in Arizona, which there isn’t any Wiki I’m aware of about his family’s experience.  Seth lives in Chicago.  Jay lives in my house.  See, practically TWINS!

No, really – what I’m here to say is that I turned off an annoying “feature” that I thought I turned off on Sunday – it was something called Snapshots and I’m telling them about it, but since you, too may have also twitched when you stumbled on it and because you’re going directly to the site’s URL instead of reading the blog from an RSS feed thinger (technical term), I wanted you to know as well.  Jay & Seth just get the special acknowledgement because they happened to be the two who pointed it out and I’m making a big production out of fixing it.  My hope is that they’ll confirm it’s gone and you will, too.  So, what I need for you to do is hover over the following link – if a little pop-up window showing a different website appears, then I have failed.

Sure, I could test on my own, but this way you can add “Software Beta Tester” to your résumé.  Hey, no need to thank me.  I do it because I care.

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