An Idea

As a follow-up to the whole Unmoored post. (I’d put link to the post, but it’s right below this one, so if you wouldn’t mind just scrolling down to save me the keystrokes, that would be fantastic! Thank you! Yes, typing all of those words took longer than inserting a link. What can I say? I’m a human conundrum.) Right… back to following-up. I was thinking we could work together.

Here’s my idea: you make a suggestion, and each month I will attempt to take on/try one of those suggestions, then write a post about it. Of course, there will be rules, because I know you guys, and I don’t want to land in some Tijuana jail trying to explain that the balloons are really just filled with glitter. Which brings me to…

The Rules

Your suggestion must…

  • Be legal in the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico the Virgin and Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Be safe. Remember, I’m old and I have a bad knee.
  • Be under $50. That is the max. Cheap or free is even better.
  • Be something I can accomplish in less than 3 hours (unless it’s a craft, and I’m so wrapped up in having rediscovered finger paints that I’m suddenly inspired to finally art my body all over my bland walls)
  • Be PG-13 at the highest rating.
  • Be respectful of other people, other cultures, and other people’s beliefs. This isn’t truth or dare. This is about exploring, and having new adventures.
  • Not embarrass me or anyone else.
  • Be around the greater Austin area (unless you’re driving/flying/sailing/providing lodging).

Notes: 1) These do not have to be solo activities. If you want to come along – share something you enjoy/a piece of you – I’d love that. 2) I do have the right to turn a suggestion down, but please don’t take it personally if I do; I know my limits. 3) I may have one trip in me – feel free to make a suggestion – maybe I can meet you in your town at your favorite pub/restaurant, listen to live music, and sleep on your couch (you’re quite the host!).

What do you think? Hit me with your ideas. I’m excited to try something new! And I’m ready to write about it.

6 thoughts on “An Idea

  1. What a cool idea.
    Putting my thinking cap on – you missed the Chinese New Year and Creole Festivals last weekend….hmmmm

    • Beth says:

      Those would have had some fun potential from festivals to crafts to art! In random thoughts – that reminds me that at some point I do want to see a dragon boat race. Also, I’m still thankful to you that you got me to go see the Royal Portrait exhibit; I enjoyed it thoroughly. I now have the book on my Amazon wishlist. Hopefully, my friends who mostly respond on FB would throw out some ideas, and I’m always game for an adventure you throw my way – we may have missed the Chinese New Year, but 2019 has a lot of potential!

      Keeping my paws crossed that T-Rex is the winner for the K9 of Valor.

      On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 9:54 AM The Big Blue Mess wrote:


  2. Roanna says:

    Go to a wacky festival once a month: like Eeyore’s Birthday, market days in Wimberly, or the lavender festival. I will *totally* go with you. Are short roadtrips alright for your knee?

    • Beth says:

      Roanna, I like it! If you were to narrow that down to one suggestion, what would it be? Let me throw out there that I’ve been to many a Wimberly Market Day (my Dad and Step-mom had a booth out there), but I have not been to Eeyore’s or the Lavendar Festival.

      Yes, I can do short/long trips. My knee limitations are: I can’t do any activities that require running, jumping, cutting or fast pivots – soooo… no tennis, basketball, racquetball, etc. – probably no roller skating or ice skating, and technical hikes on uneven terrain where the ground might shift (mud/loose gravel) are risky. If I have a concern I can always brace up. I mean, I did climb to the top of not one but two Mayan ruins last year. (Which leads me to think Mayans had freakishly long legs, and that many were likely lost from bouncing down the sides. Who doesn’t build in hand rails?!?!?! Mayans… ). Also, dancing is probably off the table depending on the style.

      On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 10:42 AM The Big Blue Mess wrote:


  3. azzageddi says:

    Well, obviously I’ll be badgering you to get together with me when I visit Austin next month.

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