I’ve waited over a month, but I’m so excited I couldn’t wait any longer to announce (and update family and such):

In two short weeks we’ll be shooting my second sketch titled Dunes.  I’ve got a knock-out cast and the best crew that a director, offering free food and snacks,  could ask for.  Let’s hear it for Dasani and fruit roll-ups! And I’m so excited I’m ending sentences in prepositions and beginning sentences with conjunctions, because it’s the only way my fingers can type grammar sommersaults! (I don’t think I scored a “10” with the English judges. 😦 )

I’ll keep you posted and promise to torture you with the video soon. (Think toothpicks and dripping water.  The kind of torture that will have you saying “good job, guys” and maybe drooling a little bit.)

DISCLAIMER: The cast and crew of Dunes will not be held responsible for drool.