Something New

So, you may recall that I committed to trying something new each month – something I’ve never tried before (or at least something you “think” I haven’t tried before, because I’m all about fudging if it gets down to the wire. Hey! There’s still 10 months to go, and I honestly only have one idea that needs to be spun into nine more ideas that I then convince you are completely unrelated and “new” activities. Heck yeah, I’m gonna cheat. Cheating like a champ holding a partially deflated football. (Is that reference still relevant? Look, it’s the best I can do sans caffeine.)).

My Report for February

Last night I went to “middle-aged lady daycare” (as my dear, sassy, youthful, won’t-survive-to-be-26-friend, Indiana Johnny, refers to it (side note: he may have been encouraged, but this isn’t about me, or my part in the description, this is about “blame” and “youthful sass” even if it made me laugh)).

For this adventure, I reached out to a good friend whom I hadn’t seen in awhile, and through a clever and well-crafted campaign, I lured her out for an adventure of self-discovery and personal expression. You know, I sent her a text that read, “Hey, do you want to hang out and do stuff?” Who could resist that siren’s call? Odysseus himself would forego being tied to that mast and resign himself to the temptations of, in this case, a painting class. Had Homer lived a bit longer, the tales of Odysseus and his murals would have surpassed his story of a decade-long quest to reach home. “Ok funny story, Pen, but this cyclops was totally going to eat me and the guys, y’see. Then there was Circe, some Sirens, Bob, you remember Bob, right? So, ol’ Bob got turned into a pig. Squealing, oinking, truffle foraging. It was UNREAL! I mean, and totally real. I wouldn’t make this up just to hang out with some loose singers on an island. Pshah. And OMG for the realsies, Pen, Poseidon was so pissed, anyway… Was totes going to be home on time. Hey, love what you did with the bed frame. Is that our tree? Also, I think I’m a painter.” (See, sarcasm and literary references in one place. You’re welcome!)

It’s one of those classes where you’re encouraged to bring friends (check), wine (check), and plenty of snacks (and check). (Quick aside: Thank you, Lance for the delicious Pedernales birthday wine! It paired well with painting, and had no subtle notes of regret.)

We had a terrific time – lots of laughter, for reasons which will likely become obvious, and I actually learned something about myself, which I will now share with you: I’m a super duper fantastic painter. I mean seriously, who knew this kind of raw talent remained hidden for so long? Step aside Dali, and WOW! Just take a moment to marvel at the skilled execution of this “art” piece.

It’s truly haunting – like seriously, a nightmare’s dreamscape, but hey, did I mention the wine?

When you step back and view it, it’s as if you’re really there in Paris, head tilted a bit too far as you teeter down the Champs de Mars, your friends no longer able to keep you upright. You’re just mere moments away from passing out, and throwing up on the lovely green space (or in this case, the pink and black space), or perhaps it’s more like you really should have said “no” when those sketchy guys asked, “want some ‘shrooms, brah?” In other words, like you’re there under a full moon marveling at the sight of the Eiffel Tower.

And I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking it, too. I clearly need to get out to Michael’s and pick up a canvas, some brushes and paint. Maybe instead of a year’s worth of new activities, this becomes 10 months of some self-expression and some epic painting for you all to enjoy. You’re welcome!

You think about it, ok?

Maybe next month I temporarily set aside the paints and bring to you an acoustic guitar/ukulele duo. You’re in, right Anna?

The Big Blue Mess – Celebrating the Arts in 2019!!