The Comment Overshare

I have to make a confession. I’m a blog commenting oversharer. I’ll find myself completely captivated by a well-written story and the next thing I know, clicking “Like” just won’t do; I must tell a related story of my own. It’s a bit embarrassing at times as I look back at the other comments. They tend to range from a friendly word to a simple supportive sentence, and then there’s mine sticking out like a sore Dickens installment.

Maybe it’s that need for connection. I relate to the story being told, to its author and the next thing you know I’m compelled to tell a story of my very own. Hooray, we’re bonding with words! I know words! They know words! It’s like we’re practically best word friends! Or it could be that I can go from zero to slumber party in the length of time it takes me to complete your story; this is my more frightening over-exuberant side that occasional peeks out and demands more friends, pillow fights, frozen bras and rice crispy treats. (I have no idea why my friends steer clear of my house; it’s truly baffling.)

Lately, I’ve been doing my very best to only click the “Like” button. I follow that by immediately sitting on top of my hands to prevent any anecdotes from accidentally leaking out and dribbling all over an unsuspecting comments section. It’s hard – so very hard. I get a little twitchy. Beads of perspiration form. I sing “Mary Had a LIttle Lamb” while rocking slowly in place.

Mary had a … Fine! Ok, ok, ok, remember that time you wrote about that crazy thing with your co-worker? Well, once MY nutty co-worker did… GAH! This isn’t the “Comment” section. I’ll just save that little snippet for your blog.