Quiznos vs. BSG

Speaking of all things geeky, I don’t know if any of you happened to watch Battlestar Galactica’s Razor episode, but without going into a lengthy critique of the show (or my disappointment that really none of the Pegasus crew were redeemable in my eyes) – I just want to say:

I am officially boycotting Quiznos. (I wish I knew who their advertising team was so I could send nasty withering looks their way, too.)

With each commercial break, Captain Obvious would recap what we saw and basically plug the sandwich shop: “You just saw that Admiral Kane is a brunette!!!! Eat more sandwiches!!”

The most baffling one came in the form of a supposed vote:
“You all voted, and you knew that Admiral Kane flirted with a cylon!!! EAT MORE SANDWICHES!” It was so awful, it became a mocking point with each commercial break, and what it seared into my brain is: I will never eat Quiznos sandwiches.

From my boards (I hope Jay doesn’t mind, but he really made me laugh):

“I think they should have skipped the commercials and just had the crew enjoying Quiznos sandwiches on the bridge.

Apollo (angsty, yet excited): Launch nuclear strike!

Adama (grim): Belay that order! Let’s all have sandwiches brought to us by our sponsor.

Apollo (angsty, yet satisfied): Mmm, mmm, that sure was a tasty sandwich. Oh, and thanks for de-balling me in front of my crew, Dad.

Adama (grim): No problemo, son. You sure can’t beat these toasted sandwiches from Quiznos.

Starbuck [from radio speakers] (whiney): Do I smell sandwiches?

Adama (grim): Better release those nukes after all, son. Haha.

Apollo (angsty, yet jocular): You got it, pop! Haha.

Bridge Crew: Haha.”

Sorry, the Quiznos commercials were so particularly obnoxious they were worth noting; they make the Christmas Hawk commercial seem hysterical.