A Note to Scott

I remember the first time I met you – and maybe we’d met before, but it was the first time I got into my head that “Scott is Daddy’s friend”. You were newly divorced, moving into a new place, Ben & I were playing something along the lines of Tarzan and Meghan, one of the most beautiful and brilliant women I know, was around two, was diaperless and blessed your new place with a little offering. (She’s been making strong impressions ever since.) I’m not sure we were invited over; back then we just seemed to appear on doorsteps from time to time and let me just apologize for anything I did. When I hear stories about myself from that age they tend to end with me leaving a wake of distruction behind me.
I heard the news a couple of weeks ago and I’m completely speechless and what I want to say is –
Scott, thank you…
…for being the most amazing and gifted story teller I know.
…for always treating me like an adult.
…for standing up for me.
…for being the uncle I never had.
…for sometimes being the parent I needed.
…for speaking your mind.
…for doing what is right.
…for not being afraid to openly call people on their bullshit.
…for always making me laugh.
…for always making me think.
…for being at every major event in my life.
…for homemade Struedel.
…for that time I was in high school and you and Gail read ElfQuest with me; thank you for showing an interest in my extreme nerdiness.
…for the letter you sent about Mom.
And for being the kind of person I hope to one day be.
I love you.
My heart is breaking.