Roadside Attactions: Corpus Style

So, you’ve won your bet and you’ve found yourself planning your trip to Corpus with one of your former college roommates.  Sure, you could go see the USS Lexington, the beach, the botanical gardens or even the aquarium, but why stop there when Corpus (and the surrounding areas) offers so much more?

All you need to find the hidden attractions are an iPhone/iPad, a “roadside attractions” app, a GPS or, if you’re me, a friend who comes with all of the above.  (I like my friends well-accessorized.)  Then, you too can enjoy the following sites that we were recently directed to:

Jesus on a Boat!

The Demon of Corpus Christi

See how I juxtaposed the images there.  I know.  Clever.

Killer Sharks!!!

"For Sale" (fine sculptures)

Harmon Dobson, Founder of Whataburger (and CAD!)

Aunt Aggie De's Praline Eating Squirrel

You’re probably already planning your trip to Corpus and really who can blame you.  I mean, it’s a SQUIRREL eating a PRALINE!! It even has a little flower on its hat!

(All images brought to you care of the Roadside Attractions app from Apple, unless Anna says it’s called something else.  It directed us to all of the above and demanded we take photos.  Attractions we would have missed if we had solely relied on the hotel’s tourist brochures.  A potential travesty!)

If that’s too much excitement for you, there’s always the gulls:

Yes, it's a gull on a pier. You never see THAT at the beach.