Shoutout: WordPress Gurus & Friends

Friends – we had an exciting week on this blog, well ok “exciting” doesn’t quite describe it. It was more “eh, ok”, but let’s pretend for me that it was exciting.  We (the royal version who is not particularly regal) learned two things: 1) I can set posts to private without driving the blog completely underground (yay) and 2) that while I can set posts to private, I cannot fix it so you can see them.  That means, if you signed up for the private version of BBM, WordPress converted you to “Followers” when I made the blog public again.  As “Followers” (as opposed to lowercase followers without quotes, which isn’t what you are, you guys are special) you just get an email when I post – like you just did to receive this.  You’ve gone years without having to receive an alert, so you won’t hurt my feelings if you go to the bottom of the email and hit “unsubscribe”.  You know our favorite shared social media source will alert you or that RSS feed you were already using.  No need for me to spam you. Gurus – is there any way to share a private post without converting people to Admins on my site?  Now that I’m a bullhorn to the universe and that horn will be blown quite loudly, I need a solution.  That’s assuming people still want that same sarcastic content they’ve come to love.  Until that time, this site is officially rated G and will only include stories about cuddles and bunnies and isn’t that Jay Leno a hoot.  I love talking about those so much that it makes me want to skip around my yard while carrying a little basket. OR without a solution it could go a different direction – somewhere between R and toxic to make it so unpalatable that it becomes unreadable.  That’s where I’d offend all of my favorite readers and that’s not really what I want to do.  You’re clever folks, any suggestions?  I need your help.  Ideally I’d like to create a group who get special content. (By “special” I mean you know as special as I can make it – ummm… I could get you all shirts, too?  BBM swag? A free round of Mexican martinis? A signed photo of Sam?)

A final question: Would moving it to WordPress.Org give me any more control?

You “Like” Me, You Really Do

On Thursday, WordPress informed me that I’d finally reached the “100 Likes” milestone on the Big Blue Mess.  I know, I know, for some of you that’s called “a post” or “a Monday”, but for me that’s called 486 posts, six years later.  (Granted, the bulk of those were on Blogger and you didn’t get a chance to “like” them there, but I know deep down you would have.  Well, I hope you would have.  Let’s just pretend you would have. You would have, right?)

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the WordPress bloggers who took the time to read my words and then decided they were decent enough to hit that “Like” button. Seeing a new “Like” always brightens my day and leads me to your stories, your poetry, your art, your photos, and your unique view of the world; it’s like finding a new and interesting friend.  Through your eyes, I’ve had the chance to travel from LA to New York, and then across the ocean to Scotland, Belgium, South Africa and Pakistan..  What an incredible journey! A special shout-out to: Maturestudenthanginginthere and Philospher Mouse of the Hedge for really driving those stats – for liking me the most :); you guys are the best!  Also, a big thanks to everyone else who has followed me through the years (my poor brow-beaten family and friends – the ones who get grilled after every post with, “Did you read it? What did you think? Is it ok? Another typo? Really? GAH! Again? Grammar errors? I proofed it, I swear-ish. What? You’re not buying the story? It’s 93% true.  Honest…ish.”  They get “good sports” credit.).  Thank you for letting my words into your house .  Thank you for letting me share my goofy Texas vision of the world.  Thank you for being a part of my life.

I “Like” and like each and every one of you.  You make my days.