The Kitties

A couple of you asked for a Hodi update. She’s doing fine. She’s going to have to keep her stitches in for another week and it looks like she may have some allergies which are causing her ears to be very itchy (which is what contributed to her little hematoma springing up). She’s starting a new diet – duck and peas. Don’t ask. I was told if I want to give her treats they should be duck and pea treats. Ummm… I’m sure she’ll love me tossing peas to her. Here she is in all her bonnet glory.

I’d like to point out that we do not decorate in leopard print, nor do we have swords on our walls or collections of action figures. Honest, we’re not geeks!

This other picture is of Sage. Sage is currently convinced her sister is an alien. Hodi smells weird, she doesn’t clean her face, she has a shaved paw and what’s up with that bonnet? Does she think she’s a flower? Jay decided it was time to help Sage understand how it feels to have something stupid on your head, so she’s been treated to playing “Reindeer Sage”. Admittedly this picture is from Christmas, but she has donned the antlers a couple of times since then. Sage, who is really good natured puts up with the antlers because it means someone is spending time with her and touching her. She’s honestly not being victimized unless you count having blue bonnet girl huffing around your house and sitting in all the wrong laps. I’m sure Sage is convinced Hodi just did this for attention.

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