Photo Phollow-up

One more comment – I’m amazed at what people like, based off the handful of comments I received on Flickr. The picture I personally like the best, of the ones that are posted is:
It’s a picture of a silverback at Zoo Atlanta. I liked it because of the color and of course, the fact that there was about a 3 ft. fence between me and that gorilla. Well, that’s more a fact than a “like”. Anyway, when I see the picture, I see him looking at me and I see him thinking “white girl, that flash pops off once while you’re outside, in the daylight and I’m leaping this insignificant barrier and pounding you.”

What separated us was that fence… all three feet – there wasn’t a moat and I was really trying to channel Gorilla’s in the Mist. “If he charges, lower your head, tuck down and be passive. Make a fist. He’ll eat your fingers otherwise. That looks like a finger eatin’ monkey.” (As we know all red necks like me think gorillas are monkies.)

The picture the handful of them like the best looks to me like any picture you can find in anyone’s photo album on any given day. A throw away shot – not even worth opening up.

House pictures should be going up soon – again, no master pieces or apprentice pieces or journeyman pieces among them – just the stuff you’d find in a photo album. They’ll be up so those of you who want to but haven’t seen the house yet can take a peek. No, we don’t have any paintings yet. However, if you’d like to throw in for any of these: Kathy Womack Gallery – Black Gloves prints. I will say thank you real nice like!

2 thoughts on “Photo Phollow-up

  1. Anna says:

    I’d only commented on the picture of me and Beckett. Man, I miss Beckett. But I *have* enjoyed your photos. And I’m SOOoOoOoOO glad to have made you an addict. Muahahahahhaha!

  2. Beth says:

    I miss Beckett, too; I loved him. From the day we got him for your birthday (I bought the front 1/3, fyi) – conveniently the last night Quantum Leap aired – to his last day. 😦 He was a LOVE. Plus, how can you not like a ferret that comes to his name, sleeps on your foot and knows Coke on site. I miss playing “Bunny in Distress”.

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