Dismissed Ideas

I know, I know, I’m supposed to let it go and surround myself with positive thoughts but everyone who knows me, knows that won’t happen for years. (I mean, come on, I’m still bitter about a sleepover in 3rd grade although the anger has waned… a little… in the sense I don’t lose much sleep over it… honest.)

So, to help make ourselves laugh yesterday after we’d finished discussing what a miserable person Evil Julie must be. We plotted and I think we ultimately came up with “the winner” of ideas. Adopting one of those unadoptable 17 year old kids who spent most of his life in some Juvi lockdown. The plan was that he’d be super grateful (we’d have to screen for super gratitude) and feel our Julie-pains enough to want to do something about it. We’d promise him presents like a Harley and help him remove the muffler. Teach him how to work on it at odd hours but well within the city’s rules. We’d encourage him to loiter outside and smoke (when he wasn’t becoming a better student). And say yes to things like “Can I have a tattoo?” “Can I get a few piercings?” “Can I play ear splitting punk music at 7?” (yes dear, the noise ordinance is from 10pm – 7am) “Can I go to the head shop?” (Of course, I don’t know why you’d want to go but here’s some cash, take your Harley and don’t forget to keep your paraphenalia off of “our” lawn… and make sure your homework and chores are done! SATs before LSD! The kind of values all growing minds should have.)

Just think, it would be doing our part to help some poor kid out and in turn it would make the neighborhood a brighter place to be.

One thought on “Dismissed Ideas

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know just the 17 yr old kid for you, however he is currently in lockdown…will forward info on his release date…contract for guardianship in attachment.

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