Support the Institution Theater!

An Appeal to Friends and Family

Remember when I worked for PBS and every few months I’d extend a hand to ask for your support?  I’d drag you into the studio to answer phones with promises of cheap pizza, soda, stale popcorn or maybe a even little BBQ. Those were the days of Austin City Limits tickets, galas, the auction, the Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival and of course, you got to hear all of those crazy stories about the people I worked with.  Its been awhile, hasn’t it? Now most of you can’t even remember what I look like answering the phone on your television.  Sadly, you never did get the chance to see me in HD on your new flat screen; I’m sure I look pretty amazing in HD.

The Institution Theater – 4 New Shows – 1 New Theater Pledge Site

Well, here I am again asking you to support another group – The Institution Theater. I’m coming to you now because they have to raise $20,000 in the next 10 days or they will not receive any of the money pledged by their supporters.  I have to be honest with you, they had 30 days to raise the money and they’re not even half way there.  Without your support they will not make their goal.  Now the great thing is, there are still 10 days left in which you can help this theater for as little as $1.  As you know, even the smallest pledge helps.  So, what are the rewards?

  • At higher levels you receive complimentary tickets to shows – shows like Etch-a-Sketch where my most recent sketch piece was performed.
  • You’re doing your part to support the arts in Austin, particularly South Austin.
  • You’re supporting me by supporting my teachers. In return I get to entertain you by performing on their stage, by continuing to write sketches for their theater, and by coming here to this blog to share my crazy anecdotes.
  • You’re doing your part to help Keep Austin Weird

The Institution Theater – 4 New Shows – 1 New Theater Pledge Site

So please, if you can, pledge your support to The Institution Theater today.  Any amount will help them achieve their goal and is greatly appreciated. Even if you can only afford a $1, it will help put them a $1 closer to the $20,000 they must  raise in the next 10 days.  If you can give more, that’s great, too.  Just think, at $25 you recieve two complimentary tickets that you can use towards coming to one of my shows.  It’s like getting your tickets in advance! So, support The Institution Theater today because you love Austin, you love theater and you love having watched me grow through improv and sketch writing. Do it because you miss the old PBS days when I appeared on your television.  Do it because Tom (in the video appeal on the linked Kickstarter website) is a really great guy and is the person who gave me the world’s best pep talk starting with the words, “Beth, you’re brilliant.”  (Or do it because he dated Rikki Lake, or he was at Sean Astin’s wedding or he can tell you about hanging out with Jane Lynch or because he was on Babylon 5 or because he is the world’s best and most notorious name droppers. Do it so I’ll stop spamming you with their logo.)

The Institution Theater – 4 New Shows – 1 New Theater Pledge Site

Click here to learn more about The Institution Theater

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