It’s every geek’s dream to reach newer, better, higher levels of Geekdom – whether you’re the recognized national best Donkey Kong player or the humble owner of the local Dragon’s Lair (shameless plug for our favorite gaming store) – through the right geek colored glasses you are held in awe.

Today, I salute my friend Lynn (aka Ravenhex) who has achieved every geek’s dream – being immortalized in a comic book. Lynn appears on Jim Balent’s Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose, Issue 47, page 1 (and also page 4). (VIEW LYNN’S COVER HERE) (She’s the one to the right of the scantily clad red head.)

Lynn, you’re sooooo my geek hero! … and yes, I will continue to “use this information to beat up the lesser geeks”. “Oh yeah, you stared down a cthuloid manifestation in the Pits of Doom? but you weren’t on a comic book cover, were you? Mmm hmmm. That’s what I thought!” (ahhhh… sweet geekdom, how I embrace thee)

…it almost makes me forget how you sputtered and lost control of yourself in front of Gene Simmons. Congratulations, Lynn!!!

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