Quiznos vs. BSG

Speaking of all things geeky, I don’t know if any of you happened to watch Battlestar Galactica’s Razor episode, but without going into a lengthy critique of the show (or my disappointment that really none of the Pegasus crew were redeemable in my eyes) – I just want to say:

I am officially boycotting Quiznos. (I wish I knew who their advertising team was so I could send nasty withering looks their way, too.)

With each commercial break, Captain Obvious would recap what we saw and basically plug the sandwich shop: “You just saw that Admiral Kane is a brunette!!!! Eat more sandwiches!!”

The most baffling one came in the form of a supposed vote:
“You all voted, and you knew that Admiral Kane flirted with a cylon!!! EAT MORE SANDWICHES!” It was so awful, it became a mocking point with each commercial break, and what it seared into my brain is: I will never eat Quiznos sandwiches.

From my boards (I hope Jay doesn’t mind, but he really made me laugh):

“I think they should have skipped the commercials and just had the crew enjoying Quiznos sandwiches on the bridge.

Apollo (angsty, yet excited): Launch nuclear strike!

Adama (grim): Belay that order! Let’s all have sandwiches brought to us by our sponsor.

Apollo (angsty, yet satisfied): Mmm, mmm, that sure was a tasty sandwich. Oh, and thanks for de-balling me in front of my crew, Dad.

Adama (grim): No problemo, son. You sure can’t beat these toasted sandwiches from Quiznos.

Starbuck [from radio speakers] (whiney): Do I smell sandwiches?

Adama (grim): Better release those nukes after all, son. Haha.

Apollo (angsty, yet jocular): You got it, pop! Haha.

Bridge Crew: Haha.”

Sorry, the Quiznos commercials were so particularly obnoxious they were worth noting; they make the Christmas Hawk commercial seem hysterical.

2 thoughts on “Quiznos vs. BSG

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s the Holiday Hawk, not the Christmas Hawk. Sheesh.

  2. Charla says:

    OMG…that whole show was odd…and those “breaking news items” about who was into who, what was that about?We watched but as old folks kept wondering if our “senior moments” were clouding our perception. Okay, Quiznos…crossed off. Subway, here I come!

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