Sam Back Home

Originally uploaded by Big Blue Mess

I picked up Sam first thing yesterday morning. As soon as she was moved from the kennel to the vet area in back, I heard her baying up a storm; she was so excited. She burst out of their area, pink bow flopping excitedly and ran around the lobby baying loudly (the sound normally reserved for “Oh MY GOD! I smell a FOX!!!! or is it RABBIT?!?! OVER THERE OVER THERE OVER THERE!” as one of the staff (a beagle lover) came out to say goodbye.

Once we got home, she ran all over the place giving every inch a good sniff and realized Jay was home, too. There was more baying and crying until she got Jay love.

Now she’s near my feet snoring up a Beagle storm.

I’m glad we’ve got her back. She’s my girl.

One thought on “Sam

  1. Swanksalot says:

    yayyy for puppy love

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