So Say We All!

I don’t have a lot of “stories” from Dragon Con. Sure, there was the gal that made it her personal mission to scream at all 70,000 attendees as they made their way up the stairs at the Marriott. She was delightful – had a great set of lungs – and when I say “lungs”, I mean that literally – those two little sacs that you draw air into – hers were abnormally large. Thanks to her tremendous volume and projection abilities, everyone on that level got to enjoy her over any of the scheduled performers. “Do you want to listen to …?” “Nah, I can’t hear them over the angry screaming midget.” Thankfully, the hotel staff directed traffic by Sunday and they managed to keep everyone moving by virtue of being polite and without having to shout any demands. Oh, novel idea!

We later found her in the “Walk of Fame” area screaming “I CAN’T SEE YOUR BADGES PEOPLE. YOU PAID ENOUGH FOR THEM. LET ME SEE THEM. NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I’m sure her face was scarlet red as her head was spinning off.


My two major fan girl moments occurred during/after a couple of the panels. The first one was for Battlestar Galactica when Chief (Aaron Douglas) made a grand entrance from the back of the room in his BSG uniform and walked past Jay. The crowd drowned out the speakers as everyone went crazy. Personally, I got a little misty, because I love that character. Then, towards the end of a great panel with Helo, Tigh, Adama and Chief Tyrol, Michael Hogan (Tigh) told the story of “So say we all” – that it was a line Edward James Olmos had improvised, which had left the cast a little stunned as they filmed the sequence and he repeated it over and over until the cast was repeating the lines along with him. Edward James Olmos then followed with, “I think it would be great to hear that from a room this size” (or something to that affect). Then he delivered the line over and over as he did in the show as the crowd stood up and shouted back “So say we all!” I thought about how much I love that show and how I’ll miss it, and got misty all over again – it’s not simply great Sci Fi, it’s great television – which is why it’s been nominated and received several awards including an Emmy. The acting and writing are top notch.

Of course, I get out of there and want to go shopping for every single BSG shirt and toy I can find. Jay, being the supportive soul that he is, mocked me for being high on Battlestar. Ok, so he was right. The shops were closing by that time, which left me with about 10 minutes of shopping and an evening’s worth of pouting. I did make it out of there with the Firefly ornament (the ship – Firefly class – thank you – her name is Serenity, named after the final battle in Serenity Valley where the Browncoats lost the war – thank you, again – it’s not SERENDIPITY, stop saying that – it makes me twitch).

The next day we hit the Firefly panel and I walked out feeling that same shopping euphoria. I think they pump something into the rooms, because by the time Jewel Staite (Kayleigh), Nathan Fillion (Mal), Morena Baccarin (Inarra) and Alan Tudyk (Wash) finish, I wanted all things Firefly. I loved that show – all 13 episodes (thank you, Fox – seriously, is everyone there challenged? A little special? It’s ok, but please stop. In fact, disband if you don’t mind. From your news to your programming decisions; I can’t stand you. Oops – side tracked. ANYWAY.)

My only other souvenir post-Firefly was a Punisher t-shirt, which looks a little more realistic skull-y than most. Well, you see I was a little mad when I bought it. The t-shirt people weren’t helpful and were pushing rude. I’m sure three days of thousands of geeky customers all unfolding their shirts had made them reach their limits. So, I had a big “fine” moment and grabbed something that reflected my mood. Of course now that I’m calm, I’m not quite sure where I’m going to be able to wear this shirt. All I wanted was a Serenity t-shirt (without the cast) and again, it’s SERENITY (for Serenity Valley) not SERENDIPITY (which is an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident).

I didn’t pick-up any autographs this go-around. The two I most wanted were Adam Baldwin and Katee Sackhoff – sure, it would have made sense to get the two biggest names in the room: Beau Bridges and Edward James Olmos, but I wasn’t “feeling” it and for $30 a pop and one angry little troll guarding Mr. Olmos, I wasn’t in the mood.

Just some random notes: James Hong (see link from post below) is an AMAZING eater. He can put away some buffet food. Jay said that no one at his table were actually hitting the buffet, so he could have been picking up food for everyone. Whatever. James Hong was a big buffet eater who had never seen food before and that’s the story I’m taking away.

There was a guy in the James Randi panel (James Randi is a skeptic who offers $1 million to the person who can definitively prove psychic abilities) who completely flipped out after they had a dousing demonstration. He was an angry little question asker and wanted to know why Randi hadn’t answered some specific psychic’s challenge. The answer: “I don’t have to” along with an invitation for the guy to try to win the $1 million. This went back and forth for some time and they had to end there, but I’d say hands down it was the most “exciting” line of questioning during the entire convention. It completely beat out “What’s your favorite episode?” “What can you tell us about your character that we don’t know and won’t be a spoiler?” (Aside: That question made Aaron Douglas laugh and ask, “are you kidding?” “If you could be another character on the show, who would you be and why?” I shouldn’t mock, because no way in hell would I ask a question, mine would come out as “what’s it like to have thousands of people interested in your pocket lint and the names of your pets?”

Lots of great costumes! It made us think about what we’d choose if we could come back with costumes – singly, mine are: a Jaffa, Jay’s was a Steam Punk Cowboy (lots of good Steam Punk costumes this year) and the group: Iron Chef Dawn Ninja Zombie Pirates (I’d be Morimoto, Kendra would be Sakai, Jay would be Bobby Flay and April would be the Chairman). Barring that, we’ll be the people in the black t-shirts and jeans. Hey, it’s fun to dream.

Oh, and watching live battle bots is a great way to spend a Sunday morning!
That’s about it… I’ve posted photos and should have more up from Jay who went nuts at the Dragon Con Parade.

Thanks to everyone who was able to go. We had a great time.

So say we all!

3 thoughts on “So Say We All!

  1. Beth says:

    I don’t know… in my next life, I want to be a tall, beautiful, brainy blonde – who is both fashionable and makes all the boy’s heads turn on Bourbon Street.Baby, you got STYLE!

  2. Beth says:

    …and you’re behind on postings!!!…and you’re behind on twitterings!!!…and you’re behind on photos!!!Chop chop missy!!!

  3. Lori says:

    These recap posts are SO AWESOME. You know my dream is to be a super smart geek, but instead I’ve had to settle for average cynical nerd. It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

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