Beth, Where Are…

The pictures? You were going to ask about the pictures, weren’t you? Well, *I* have them, but in making the changes to the new blog the links are broken. I understand how frustrating this is to lose the links to the acclaimed photos from the amazing photojournalist that is me. No really. You all have a terrible attitude. Anyway, we’re (and by “we” I’ve asked resident expert and boss of all things related to my blog Anna for assistance) going to see about a workaround. Please send Anna copious amounts of presents and praise.

What about the forums?

Seriously guys, there’s only like 3 of you who regularly play there, but I’ve asked Anna to look at that, too because the 3 of you can be rather whiney.  (You know that comes from a good place, right?)  But keep in mind, she’s busy (she like leaves her house and stuff)  and may want to smack me for being so annoying about my blog these past few days.  Right… sending her a present now.

UPDATE:  Well, it turns out she IS outside as I predicted.  I AM actually annoying, BUT, I HAVE ordered the presents and they’re set to arrive at her house on Tuesday.
UPDATE PART DEUX: Photos are reappearing and Flickr and I have just made friends again.

2 thoughts on “Beth, Where Are…

  1. Seth A says:

    Flickr blogging: check out this if you haven’t already –

    I use the “blog this photo” option a lot when I’m either too busy to blog those flighty word things or can’t find anything interesting enough to blog about. Usually the first.

  2. Beth says:

    Yep, got Flickr pointing back here, which took some sifting through the Support part of WP – I had to find that magical “extension” to make it all work.

    I “think” I’ve now turned off those roll-over things. I wasn’t sure if it was a universal “off” or if each person did. Double-check if you have a moment and with any luck they’re off for you, too.

    Categories – now, the way I understand they’re like a supertag, where I can have something called Writing (for example) and then from there have Poetry, Prose, etc. Is that right? I wasn’t sure how to categorize. “Blather” “Long Blather” “Shorter Blather”. Any suggestioms?

    Thanks as always, Seth!

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