What Did You DO?!?!

OMG!!! The blog changed. It’s no longer blue! The sidebars, the glorious sidebars… gone!

Well, it was about time don’t you think? Dear ol’ me, with the help of dear ol’ Blogger caused my blog to explode last week. It wasn’t pretty. I had written a  heartfelt-ish post, threw a gigantic post Post pity party (get it, see it’s post the post, oh never mind), yanked out tissue and hit “Publish” and Blogger said “pthbbt” so I tried the “I said PUBLISH DAMNIT!” key, and I heard faint giggling. Clearly, the best thing to do was to make a lovely honking noise into some tissue, wipe my face and say, “fine, you want to migrate, I’ll let you migrate”. (Back story: Blogger was fussy with 5% of its users, which included me and my Mess.) So, I pushed their magic “Migrate” button and it displayed a nice “GOOD JOB!!! You Did It!” and back I went to that broken “Publish” button, which I mashed and mashed and mashed until I became a complete button mashing vegetable glaring away at my monitor. Seems that one of us, one of us who say doesn’t like manuals, one of us who learns more from a hands-on approach (sometimes referred to as breaking things), one of us who CAN and WILL make a square peg fit into a round hole (as if that couldn’t be done) and may be the same person who applauded the genius who made short work of the Gordian Knot instead of fiddling about with it – this same person may have caused their website to explode.  Stop looking at me.  I was talking about you.  Sheesh. Way to go.  Thankfully, I decided to clean up your Mess. (Get it? I’m so under appreciated.)

Anyway, enough about you.  For now, this is the blog – think of it more as a slate blue than grey – c’mon, you know you can if you put your mind to it.

I will try to pick the brains of my more website savvy friends to see if we can make it look better, but for now – we’ve got nice and clean and Messy again.

BIG THANKS TO SETH & ANNA!  Without them, you’d still be looking a stagnate little corner of the internet.

One thought on “What Did You DO?!?!

  1. Seth A says:

    So, need to set up categories still, and play around with plugins (which once you set up a few, are surprisingly easy and useful), and it looks like you are pretty much finished. Besides the actual blogging part.

    I do have a request though, turn off the Snap thingy that pops up over every link. Covers the actual text, and I can’t read things.

    Of course, I usually read all your posts via my RSS feed, and the Snap thingy doesn’t take over my newsreader, but still…

    Just a thought

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