Ok, since I can’t shake it, I should explain it since it will doubtlessly appear in several posts. When you see the name June, that’s me. Anyone who knew me in college and had any significant contact with my friend Ernie calls me June to this day. I don’t know how Ernie came up with it. He’ll be the first to tell you he has a knack for giving nicknames that stick – just ask Bean. I think it started as Bethly Bob in Jr. High School, then as the years wore on it morphed into Bethly June and finally got shortened to June or Miss June. In crowds, if someone shouts “June!” I’ll be the first to turn my head. In other words, despite my best efforts the name has stuck. I’m also Boofka or Boof for short, which I won’t even explain, but if you see Ju (or Ju Poo Bear) then she might have an answer.

Other nicknames just for clarities sake:

Anna is Ahnner or Ahn or Ahnner Bonahnner – note the ahhhh sound in her nicknames – that’s how the A sounds in her real name. If you want to die painfully, by all means make the A sound like you do in the name Ann. If by chance you don’t die immediately, you’ll endure the longest eyeroll you’ll ever be treated to in your life and you’ll wish you’d just gone ahead and died – it would have been faster.

Jonathan is Jman, Johnny Quest, JtO, but I call him Jo-Nathan

Kendra is theK (the “K” is capitalized intentionally) it used to be “the K,” but Jonathan saw it one day, thought “pish posh” and declared “ah… thek like a brek” and the rest is history.

April doesn’t have any known nicknames that we’ve uncovered, but she asked for one for Halloween so we dubbed her “Lil’ Minx” as part of our Pink Ladies bowling outting. Of course, I don’t think that name has the same staying power as the others.

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