Whales vs. Wales

An Addendum to the Red Hats Post

Mom, being the careful reader that she is discovered in The Red Hats post that I had named Diana the Princess of Whales. I’ve edited the post, but I have to admit I feel a bit uncomfortable about it. See, I’ve never met any sea creatures and those I’ve met have been short on meaningful conversation. In fact, they’re usually headless and preferably deboned with some tartar on the side. Having never conversed with them, I cannot say for certain that the sea mammals didn’t proclaim Diana their princess. I mean, surely her humanitarian efforts were known even to those in the seas. So, until the Ambassador of the Oceans clears this all up, I’m going to have to say that she very well could be their princess.

Also, we’re dealing with Welsh. I’m sure “Wales”, in their native tongue which is kin to Gaelic, isn’t really a homonymn of Whales. The actual pronounciation is doubtlessly something you cough up at the back of your throat containing lots of “c’s” “l’s” and “ah’s”. Needless to say, I don’t feel bad about butchering the spelling.

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