Looking for Membership Director

That job listing drew me in while browsing Craig’s List the other day (thank you April for introducing me to that site). Something you need to know about me is that I occasionally think I’m 100 times more capable than I actually am and the under fed optimist in me pops open the listing thinking “I bet they’ll call me for an interview… this time.”

I opened up this particular listing and saw the job is for my arch nemesis The Bicycle Coalition. Booo hissss. As I’ve noted before, I despise bicyclists especially when they swarm so of course the one job I find within a membership department is for this organization – a cruel tribute to the ironies in my life.

For fun, I go ahead and read the requirements still trying to see myself in this role and the one line “must be enthusiastic about bicycling” glares back at me. Oh, I’m enthusiastic about bicycling. I’ve written countless letters to the editor sharing my enthusiasm. I’ve made delightful, well thought out suggestions as to what we could do to solve the bicycling menace. I just don’t know why the paper hasn’t seen fit to publish them yet. I’m confident they’re getting around to it – possibly saving it for a special feature.

Needless to say, it’s back to the drawing board in the job hunt.

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