Muses: A Follow-Up

This is just a quick follow-up to the Muses post.

You guys seriously crack me up. I have the most guilt ridden friends who read themselves too easily into that post. The private responses I received spanned the guilt gamut from earnestly apologizing to getting defensive. Only one person recognized it wasn’t them and then made a serious stab at trying to figure out who I was talking about. That person is so moving up from being the diversion when we start our PI business and will now head up my crack sleuthing squad.

I’ll tell you guys a few things. 1) I’m more than likely not going to post about people who read these boards on any regular basis especially if I’m not sharing a name. Now, that’s not to say I haven’t already done it, but the Muses post wasn’t where it was at. 2) If I do post something where I tease you, my more regular readers, trust that I’ll not only attach your name to it, but I will likely put it in a big bold bright font. I know you all would return the favor given the opportunity and I like to give credit where credit is due. 3) In regard to my fiction writing, which is what that post was about. There are all of about two of you I’d send it to. Why? Because my writing is bad and while I’ll write on this site until the cows come home (or until I run out of ideas – like say next week) I’m not going to prostrate myself to a large audience who would doubtlessly feel compelled to say “oh, isn’t that nice.”

There are no veiled assaults in these recent posts; I’m not that clever. Again, trust that I’ll pick on you directly in a humorous way if I feel the need. If I have something catty to say, trust that I’ll do the honorable thing and totally talk behind your backs. Yay backs!

Now if you ever see words/phrases like: zombies, helium balloons, Laissez les bons temps rouler, great butt, bubbles aren’t fun, cheese “shredder”, “you’ve got a simple sense of humor,” etc then yeah, I’m probably teasing you for something. Still, I promise to put your name with it.

PS Oh, and I’d still rather die than send any of you regular readers my fiction.

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