Happy Holidays

I had another goofy bit I was going to write about today, but at the moment I’ve worked myself up into quite a fit and my head is about to explode. Here’s my whine/gripe/complaint for the day. I learned last night that I will NEVER get to go on a trip for Thanksgiving if I want to spend it with Jay. That’s right. NEVER. Lynn, don’t even ask this year, because I’ll just remember how I had to cancel my hotel reservations after looking forward to seeing you last year and how I spent the holiday furious. In fact, if any of you have a delightful Thanksgiving story after this year’s holiday then in the Thanksgiving spirit I’m going to ask you to “stuff it”.

Jay and I want to make plans for a vacation this year in September but I told Jay “I’m not even getting my hopes up, I’m not buying plane tickets and I’m not booking the hotel. Why? What’s the point? Apparently, there are only two privileged people who can take Thanksgiving off at his office and they can put it on the books 11-12 months in advance. Wow! We can only ask for leave officially about a month in advance where I work. So, if they want the days off in September well then there goes another one of our vacations. Another one of my very favorite lines for Jay not getting the day off that I’ve heard was “well, so-and-so MIGHT be sick next week so I’m declining your request.” Well Jay’s girlfriend MIGHT smack you with a shoe. The possibilities are really endless for what “might” happen.

So, everyone is invited over to our place for Thanksgiving. Follow the sound of breakables smacking into the wall.
Happy Holidays!

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