April’s Car Story

Or When You Push That Other Driver Over the Edge…

I was in the parking lot of the cultural center of Lawton, OK, — that’s the Wal-Mart on Sheridan Road to those unfamiliar with this vortex of evil. I was engaged in an extremely intelligent discussion with my significant other and was close to my car. Someone did something to me (I can’t remember what) so I presented them with a lovely hand gesture. This angered the heathens and they honked and yelled at me. I thought this was the end of the altercation. I get to my car and drive away from the Wal-Mart and arrive happily at my house. As I pull into the drive-way someone starts honking at me … it’s the dude from Wal-Mart. He followed me home to scream at me again. I was scared for weeks that this dude would come back to my house and kill my cats all because I flipped him off.

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