The Reunion vs. Kelso

I contacted one of the guys working on the reunion committee yesterday. I had an idea – that John Kelso should be invited to the reunion. You all know I love writing John Kelso. It’s up there with sending letters to the editor about the bicycling menace that exists in our city. Hey, everyone needs a hobby and don’t think I’m not going to get his piece framed that says “Beth Doughty suggested…” That was good stuff! Ok, it wasn’t. I was just sending him a note and would have put some thought into it had I known he was going to use it.

Anyway, back in the day – about 21 years ago – John Kelso spent about 2 weeks in our high school as part of our class. He attended classes and then wrote up weekly articles about his time being an 11th grader named Clarence Frick. I never had him in a class – he was more into Latin, Trig/Calc classes while I was personally more a German, Physiology/Anatomy girl. Still, I remember him being there and I remember the articles. (It helps having a year book around that still chronicles the event, too.)

So, while I was/am (I’m undecided) planning to skip the reunion I thought this invitation was still a good idea. I mean, why not? John Kelso comes back and writes about the high school reunion. I think it’s a good idea. Hell, I think it’s a GREAT idea and need to pause while I pat myself on the back. One more sec, I’m blowing kisses to myself. I may be awhile.

I wrote to Jason. I’ve known Jason since 4th grade. He’s a smart, handsome guy and the kind of person who mingled with the popular crowd but never forgot his South Austin roots. Where some people would pretend not to know you if they bumped into you at the mall, Jason is the type that if you came into view he’d dash across the street to say hello. He’s a good guy. So, when I was looking up reunion contacts it was a no-brainer “contact Jason”. My other real choice was a kid named Chris. You all know I couldn’t hurt a flea if I tried, but Chris is the only person I’ve not only slammed against a wall and threatened (see previous article – one of us came out of Dallas with anger management issues), but I kind of assaulted one of his friends when they were picking on Chris’ brother. Anyway, we all know I’m a weenie and you can guess that Chris must have just let me get away with it. I even worked at Chris’ dad’s restaurant for 2-3 days and discovered at 14 I wasn’t waitress material; I’m sure Chris’ dad fired me but I’d like to think I quit. Needless to say, I felt a bit sheepish contacting Chris. I guess I could have contacted Marco, but I went out with his older brother Rocco briefly (they had a brother named Nicko and the running joke in the family was their sister was Debbo) and I’d personally rather gargle glass. Since you all know Rocco stories, I don’t need to repeat those here.

Anyway, Jason wrote back almost immediately because he’s just a good guy and said “good idea, I think you just volunteered.” If I had been drinking I would have spewed water across my monitor. Volunteered? GADS! I’m not sure I’m going. Volunteered?

Ok, who are we kidding? You all know I want to write to Kelso again. Anyway, I’m waiting to get the details and then I’ll be sending Kelso a note. You know if anything happens, I’ll be calling each of you up and getting frame #2 for that article. This time though, I’ll word my note more carefully keeping in mind that some part of it could appear in print. (Now back to kicking myself for that other one.)

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