My Letter to Kelso

What follows is the e-mail I sent to Kelso regarding the upcoming reunion. For those of you not familiar with John Kelso, he’s a columnist for the Austin American Statesman who writes humorous pieces focusing around Austin. In my 11th grade year John Kelso spent a week under the psuedonymn “Clarence Frick” at my high school. He wrote about what it was like to be a high school student at that time in his column.

Dear Clarence:

Your fellow Travis High alums would be honored if you’d attend your class’ 20-year reunion. Your time at Travis was short but memorable and although we were a little hurt that you’d originally wanted to spend it at Crockett, we forgave you. Obviously the fates meant for you to be at our doors. You missed prom, the 10 year reunion, and the 15 year reunion. Quite frankly people were beginning to wonder, “what happened to that Clarence kid? You know, the one with all the facial hair that got the preferential treatment?”

Anyway, we’d love to have you at one or all of the events. We won’t even make you go to the day spa and get gussied up before attending. (This is a reference to one of Kelso’s recent articles where he went with his new wife and step-daughter to a day spa.)

The information is all contained on the website:
– keep your speakers low, and the contrast on your monitor turned up high (I’m not sure of the whole red on grey thing; I’m sure I’ll be booted from the reunion for remarking on it).
I’m leaving the website’s address on this post because it’s truly an eye/ear sore. Something you all should take a special moment to gawk at.

Jason Spencer said if you had any questions, he’d love to talk to you. He’s one of those “official” reunion coordinator types. He just put me in charge of the “Kelso wrangling” for having the bright idea and big mouth. He also said the reunion committee would waive the fee – magnanimous guy, he is! 🙂

Here’s Jason’s info (he’s a good guy for being a George W man): (removed – I’m not giving you guy’s Jason’s personal information)
The reunion events are on June 16th & 17th.

We look forward to seeing you!

Here is a copy of the yearbook page. Look for the kid on the 5th row – 3rd column. Pay no attention to the kid on the 3rd row – 1st column.

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