Token Blonde

We all have our badges of honor to bear. Lori is the diversion, April is the tumbler and I’m the token blonde. I earned my title and I’m proud. Ok, I’m not really “proud” it’s more the case that I’ve accepted it.

So Friday I call up Jay to give him the latest house update. As I finish punching in his numbers my cell phone starts ringing. I immediately hang up guessing it’s Jay trying to reach me. I don’t manage to get to the phone in time, but that’s not surprising – getting to my cell phone usually involves my purse exploding. I figure Jay realized I was calling him and hung up. I waited a couple of minutes to see if he was going to call back but then realized he was probably waiting for me. I call again. My cell phone starts ringing again. Hmph. I grab the cell phone while staying on the line and see it’s some number I don’t recognize. I click ignore to send the person to voice mail. I then get Jay’s voicemail. How rude! But I suppose he’s busy. The automated message starts, “The person you are calling…” and my voice chimes in with my name, “…is not available…” *CLICK* GRRRR!

It’s hard to be me. Just for the record though my work phone routes through a switch board so the number I saw was not my number. I didn’t recognize it at all. Also, Jay’s number is 1 number off from mine.

I called up Jay and told him I was too stupid to own a phone, then I called up April who was very sympathetic and busted out laughing at me. I live to please!

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