The Little Things

I’m behind on Mess updates thanks to being without the internet for days on end, so I’ll do my best to make up.

My friend Lynn, the bitter, hostile one, made a list recently called “The Little Things”.
Now, while I find it funny in the sense that Lynn had to write about things she appreciates I also thought it was an interesting idea. (WARNING: Visit the above site only if you’re the type that doesn’t need a lot of hugs and hand holding.) I wanted to add to Lynn’s list so here it is:

Q-Tips – Nothing beats these little cotton swabs of goodness. Of course, this may fall under fetishes for me since I strive to have freaky clean ears. Blame the doctor when I was a kid – a few ear infections followed by some nasty and painful ear flushings and you’ll be a clean ear freak, too.

Cows – Everything about a cow is good. The best things in the world come from cows. Just think about it – food, clothing, furniture, musical instruments, dog chews – they’re perfect! Well, except the one that chased me over the fence, but that taught me a valuable lesson – that when I want to, I can clear a fence. Ok, maybe not today but back in the day. You people are so hostile.

The Internet – From the beginnings with the Arpanet to what we have today. I’ve been around computers since around 1983 or 84 when Dad sold his MGB to purchase an Apple IIe. I had my first e-mail account in 1991 when all I could do was log into a mail system called Pine and access the internet primarily through telnet. Please note that Unix is not on my list of things I appreciate. I’m sure Unix gurus are gasping for breath while comforting their horrible little vi editors.

Music – I don’t think I need to elaborate.

Modern Folklore – Everyone should take a moment and really listen to people’s stories.

“Tell Me a Story” – This is a follow up to folklore and since the list is about little things I appreciate, this is a big one for me. I appreciate anyone who understands that this request is for a personal account and not some “once upon a time” thing that you made up on the spot that is likely going to embarrass you and me – it doesn’t have to be poignant, humorous, involved or over the top – just a story. You can learn a lot about a person through the stories they choose to tell.

Those are the little things in this world that I appreciate.

Oh… and presents. 🙂

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