Absolute Truths

Absolute Truths –Anyone who has spent more than a week in an introductory philosophy class has been exposed to the notion of Plato’s cave. Philosophers, mathematicians and theologians (which I think should be lumped with philosophers, but what the heck) search for and debate the concept of absolute truths. Lucky for everyone that The Mess is more about personal experiences rather than discourses on philosophical concepts. Just an aside, my degree was in Government with a focus on Government Philosophy – that doesn’t make me an authority on the matter but it will explain why I won’t carry on ad nauseum about the GNP or whip out a paper on why I like parliamentary style governments. (You should, too and yet you wonder why I have the comments turned off.)

To all those people searching for an absolute truth I give you the following:

Anything a cat does during the day that can be deemed “cute” will always be equally annoying at 3am. In fact, I’ll take it further and propose that there is nothing a cat can do at 3am which involves you that is not annoying.

That’s your mini lesson in philosophy for the day. Anyone interested in a pair of cats, please let me know. I’m a dog person.

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