Super Chunk

This is from April’s recent adventures while standing in line waiting to pick-up her Superman tickets. She kindly wrote it up for me.

Superman: 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, June 27 @ Alamo Drafthouse South Jimi and I are at the theatre about an hour before show time and position ourselves at the end of the line. We’re right behind this indie-couple ‹- black T-shirts, guy with sleeve tattoos. They are sitting on the floor talking closely with each other. So cute and endearing. We’re standing there for maybe 5 minutes when the indie-girl faints. She’s now laying on the floor, the whole line is abuzz with the commotion. Her indie-boy says she just got too hot and the Drafthouse people go to get her a chair and some wet paper towels. Suddenly she sits up a bit, leaning on her elbow, and puke shoots out of her mouth. I have to back away because I’m one of those “dainty ladies” that start feeling nauseous when others puke. She vomits some more to make the puke-slick even larger.

Then out of no-where we hear “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.” It’s Superman with a mop bucket! Superman is a skinny white dude with mused up greasy hair wearing one of those kid costumes with the padded chest. He continues making his “I’m flying” noise as he walks over to the pile of half-digested food. He begins to clean up the puke, but since he’s Superman, he does it very dramatically. He’s making a supernoise so that everyone know it’s not just some shlub cleaning it’s SUPERMAN. But this Superman did not know his own strength and so, with each whip of the mop, he sent chunks flinging through the air.

I love it that “Superman” stayed in character during the whole clean-up and merrily worked away while providing sound effects. Oh, and I love it that this happened to April. 🙂

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