Clerks 2: Train Wreck

Here we are in the middle of the summer movie blockbuster glut and NO ONE, not one of you, told me that Kevin Smith’s “Clerks 2” was coming out. I’m sad. Disappointed. Heartbroken.
… and I have nothing to post about today.

For the rest of my fellow Clerks fans here is the link to the website:

It has Dante, my personal hero Randall, Jay & Silent Bob, Jason Lee, Ben Affleck (but the movie might survive him) and Marshall from Alias who has a real name that I honestly don’t know and am too lazy to look it up. Does anyone REALLY know his real name anyway? Did I mention Randall is in it?

One thought on “Clerks 2: Train Wreck

  1. Ravenhex says:

    Beth,CLERKS 2 – The Passions of the Clerks – is coming out this summer.Just thought you’d like to know.Personally I’m very happy.If you haven’t watched “An Evening With Kevin Smith”, you really should. It will hurt you.

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