Kite Runner

I’m actually going to recommend a book instead of sitting around abusing poor Dan Brown. It’s roughly a story about redemption – the character redeeming himself to the readers and to himself. The back drop is Afghanistan prior to the Russian occupation and then returns to Afghanistan months before 9/11.

There are few books that I’ve read over the past couple of years that have really stuck out; this happens to be one of them. Most of you who know me and know my short list of recommended books include The Life of Pi and Memoirs of a Geisha.

If you get a chance, Kite Runner by Khalen Hosseini is a good read.

In fact, if you want to “Look Inside” you’re going to have to click the above link since I’m mean and clicking on the picture of the cover won’t get you anywhere. Well, you might get a bigger picture. For the record, I’m the kind of person who would make you use pliers to change the TV station, too. Of course, if you come to my house armed with pliers, don’t let Jay see you and if you do get caught, definitely don’t say anything close to, “Beth said it would be alright.”

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