No Respect

Last night Jay got home and walked into our computer room to find me hunkered down diligently checking off boxes.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m taking a test to see how geeky I am.”
*cackle* “You’re taking a test to see how geeky you are?”
“I think you know the answer.”


(Psst Jonathan, I’ll be sending you the test later.)

2 thoughts on “No Respect

  1. Beth says:

    1) The scoring on the test is goofy and doesn’t make any sense, but the real reason…2) You’re just not geeky enough. Sorry Lynn!(It’s a RPG test – if it were a comic test about Death, I’d send it to you – you’d be Queen Geek then)

  2. Ravenhex says:

    Why don’t I get a copy of the test!How can I aspire to take away your Geek Princess crown if you won’t let me take the test?so much h12

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