As I drove into work yesterday it was announced that former Representative Foley was going to name the church leader who molested him. Of course, that got me into the mental rant of “just own what you did”. Sure, it’s sad that it allegedly happened to him, but this minister didn’t text message or make lurid statements to any White House pages. Well, he may have but that information hasn’t come to light just yet.

Then it hit me. I don’t know for certain that this unnamed clergyman didn’t do this. While in the throes of doing something wholly unholy, he could have planted the idea in Foley’s head “run for office, seek out young boys, text – if that fails, offer them candy – kids are suckers for candy”. I figured it had to be that or a rabid pack of Democrats using their telekinetic powers. Sure, they can’t get voters to show up at the polls or take over the legislative branch, but they can turn one upstanding man who served as chair for the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children into a lascivious teenage boy coveting pervert. I now have new found respect for the Democrats (mostly out of fear they’ll unleash their telepaths on me).

Seriously though, I don’t want to see this man’s name in the paper any more. I don’t care if little boys make him tingly in his naughty places. I don’t care about his drinking or this alleged religious figure. He’s 53 years old and a public leader. He should have dealt with all of this by now – not when the press slaps his hands and takes him to task. There’s counseling, there’s AA. Get a sponsor, get your tokens, follow 12 steps and don’t write to little boys. See, that’s the real bummer about free will, guy – unless you’re a psychopath or have some other major chemical imbalance, you alone choose your actions. You’re accountable for those actions.

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