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Anna just got me to sign-up for MyBlogLog – a website that tracks your site stats and tries to be for blogs what Flickr is to photographs. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I think it’s got a long way to go before it will get a big thumbs up from me. The thing I’ve found the most interesting is the number of hits I’m getting for one posting here on The Big Blue Mess. It’s something I wrote about my high school reunion and John Kelso, a local columnist. In fact, it’s the only article from a previous month that generates any notice. I’m completely baffled. It’s not that good and it certainly doesn’t say much about John Kelso, so I can’t imagine why it keeps getting hit.

Sure, it could be someone doing a search on John Kelso, but I’ve posted more that included Kelso than just this one article. In fact, I have more about my reunion and John Kelso than just that one post. I guess it could be someone trying to confirm that I really didn’t want to go. Here’s a spoiler for them: I went. John Kelso went. The “guys” tried to entertain him in the hopes he’d write a story. He didn’t. I know, I know, you wanted to catch up on your own after reading the one article 6 times. Sorry.

To catch them up to speed here’s a little recap of my “blog”:
I like comments, I hate comments, comments aren’t so bad, I have forums (see the right sidebar).
I saw the Diana, Princess of Wales exhibit – I was traumatized by the red hat brigade, but the dresses were nice.
I wrote Kelso, I wrote him again, I posted about it, I wrote some more, I kept those to myself.
We bought a house, Jay mowed the yard, and some kid down the street thinks it’s awesome.
Everyone in our neighborhood is named Julie including the men. I suspect they’re part of a witness relocation program. I also suspect they’re serial killers.
I like things, I hate things, I whine about things and on rare occasions my friends throw up their hands and say “wah”.
I like balloons.
I wish I wrote like John Kelso, Dave Barry and P.J. O’Rourke (although I may not have mentioned that yet – well, there you have it).
I’m a “daddy’s girl” and he’d look darn fine dressed as a woman – don’t you dare say otherwise.
Jay is my best friend and the smartest person I know.
My friends are taking a collection to buy me an iPod for my birthday. They’re swell.
I’m also a Texan.

There you have it.

3 thoughts on “Blog Recap

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Beth – one good thing about MBL is that I’m meeting a lot of new bloggers. Like, you. 🙂

  2. Eric says:

    Beth — I agree that we have a load of ways that we can improve MyBlogLog. The opportunities are wide and deep. In the meantime, I think you’ll find the service much more compelling once you integrate the reader roll in your blog’s sidebar. Cheers!

  3. Beth says:

    Eric —I agree, I think there’s a lot of potential for My Blog Log; it’s a great idea and has gotten off to a good start. It’s a wonderful collection of blogs.Of course, it also makes me deeply envious that I’m not bilingual on occasion. 🙂

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