I was being a big car loser today. Definition: It’s when I go hide out in my car over lunch and heckle people on the phone. I called up April to go over the highlights of the big four hour meeting I had this morning – how I had stood with feet firmly planted on the Earth then slowly raised my arms towards the sky exhaling all the bad energy, then rejuvenating my lungs with the good before the meeting started – it was a group exercise. And how we generated chi. (We were told it was the tingling sensation in our hands – I always thought that was the beginnings of carpal tunnel; what do I know?) I carried on and on in the way I do when forced to run with wolves or feel the healing power of a rock when April interjected: “Beth, you’re too bitter for chi.”

Amen! I am too bitter for chi! I felt such a release with that revelation.

Now if I were only too bitter for karma.

One thought on “Revelations

  1. Anonymous says:

    from april (always too lazy to log in)I walked into someone’s office last week to the sounds of “speaking of misanthropes, here’s April.”I am also too bitter for chi but I make up for that by drinking lots of chi tea. The universe sort of balances itself out that way.

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