Maintenance & Thank You’s!

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I want to thank everyone whose giving me such wonderful feedback. It really means a lot to me, although I’m frankly shocked at your bad taste. (It’ll be our little secret; I’ll never tell another soul) 🙂

Something that my older four readers had to learn – I’m terrible about editing and reserve the right to edit anything I post for up to 24 hours. I “try” to read what I’m posting before I hit the publish button, but I get mixed results. (Translation: I do a spelling pass and not necessarily a grammar pass. Homonymns are not my friend, but we’re working out a small truce.)

Trish, Scott’s friend (Hi Trish & Scott!) asked about RSS feeds. I believe they’re enabled, but I don’t have a handy little icon on the site. I know the feed address is:
Sadly, that’s the extent of my knowledge.

Anna/Seth/April – could you explain in comments how you got the Big Blue Mess on your feeds? I’m personally not very RSS feed savvy and rely on a browser called Flock in order to cheat. Guys, is there an icon I can put on the site that would make it easier?

Maintenance – This morning I’m going to try to upgrade to a newer, sexier version of Blogger. The site may explode, but I guess it wouldn’t be a “Mess” if I didn’t occasionally blow something up.

4 thoughts on “Maintenance & Thank You’s!

  1. Beth says:


    Trish left the followoing comment in the guestbook:
    “It would be nice if you got an RSS feed, then I could read you on my livejournal friends page. Let me know if you ever do, okay?”
    That’s where the question came from.

  2. Anna says:

    I’m really not sure I understand the question… The link you gave should be all you need to enter into your aggregrator. Different feed thingies do it different ways. Most browsers now will let you click on the little icon at the end of the URL and add the feed. So… uhh… what are you asking?

  3. Swanksalot says:

    anna is right, but you can make the rss feed explicit by putting it as a hyperlink in your sidebar. I’m guessing that some browsers don’t have the RSS icon at the end of the URL (though Firefox and Safari, the browsers I use both do).

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