My tap classes started again and you’ve got to love how I just won’t quit. A fact I’m not sure my teacher appreciates. If I’m not mistaken, I’m going on 7 years of tap, and this is the first year I’m sticking to intermediate. Truth be told, I got kicked out of beginning by my instructor. “Why are you still in Beginning Tap?” “Well… I just thought…” “You GUYS! You can take Intermediate Tap now.” If you’re thinking that was a nod to my tap skills, you’d be wrong. Intermediate Tap had been cancelled that semester because not enough people enrolled whereas people were always being turned away from Beginning Tap or they languished on a waiting list. I think my instructor said to herself, “God, they’re never going to quit, might as well dumb down my intermediate class so I can make some extra cash.”

When I first started tap, I just wanted to take a dance class (I’d taken ballet/tap as kid and then ballet/modern in college) and since I’m a bigger girl, tap seemed like the only to keep out of tights. My intention this whole time has been to get back to modern dance, which is really more my style. But here I am 7 years later looking more like an epileptic wildebeest than Bill “Bo Jangles” Robinson and I’m ok with that.

The big excitement – I’ve finally accepted I’ll always be in tap and I’m ordering custom built tap shoes. Of course, the big decision had to do with the colors. I’m tired of the boring black – it’s so “everybody else”. Kendra contacted the store and said “nice colors, but what about the specialty fabrics” to which they replied “we have a nice snake skin in hot pink/black”. I’m not sure I agree that this can be “nice” look, but I appreciate its uniqueness. I mean, if I owned pink and black snake skin tap shoes, I’d be the only “kid” on the block with them… and there would be a reason.

Instead, I’m going with the two tone shoe – black with a lovely cheetah print across the center (it’s FUZZY). Oh yeah. I know you’re as excited as I am (especially if you’ve seen my Christmas tree topper – a gorgeous angel in a fluffy cheetah print dress that screams CLASSY)

Anyway, that’s what has me excited. Some days it’s the little things.

2 thoughts on “Tap

  1. Lori says:

    This is why you are one of the coolest people I know. Beth, just the thought of you wearing your new Cheetah shoes while flashing some jazz hands at your next recital is giving me enough joy to get through this dreary Monday. You go girl!

  2. Ravenhex says:

    Getting cheetah print shoes is reason enough to tap!!!!!

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