Hope Chests, Etc.

A friend of mine is heading to Vegas with her new beau next month and since its Vegas, I was giving her a hard time about pending nuptials. (Hey, it was a slow day and her brother did get married there not so long ago.) She quickly informed me that they were going to see a magic show (the new beau is a professional magician) and that there would be no wedding shenanigans going on. It was explained that new beau wanted the big fancy wedding – you know, fancy church, music that doesn’t come out of a boom box, pew bows – the whole nine yards. (Ok, she didn’t actually say “pew bows” but it’s my new favorite chapel accessory to talk about since Anna’s wedding.) Then she expressed some worry that her parents hadn’t saved enough for the wedding.

… she’s about to turn 40.

Maybe I’m not much of a traditionalist (I’m not), but when you’re staring down 40 it’s time to hope your parents have enough for retirement – time to hope they’re taking that vacation they’ve always wanted to take – time to come to terms with the fact that they gave up on any real hope of you getting married 10 years ago. Now, they’re just happy you moved out of their house.

Of course, this is the gal that once tried to tell me when we were teens that I needed a hope chest (she had one). My only hope back then was that I’d have a date, (and my chances were pretty bleak) so there wasn’t much point in hoping my cheesy 80’s tastes would carry me into my future home.

For her sake, I do hope she gets that fairytale wedding she’s dreamt of since 4th grade. …and I hope her parents have saved enough and are able to present his family with however many heads of livestock, offers of silk and whatever else you need for a good dowry these days. (I’m soooo out of touch on these things.)

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