You Go Little Volleyball Dude

My office overlooks a volleyball court, which is normally packed with 20 somethings wearing as little as possible while beating a ball around. You see them at lunch, you see them every time you walk by the windows and they’re still at it when it’s time for you to head home. It reminds me of college, except for the part that I never ran around in a thong hitting a volleyball in public – other than that… well, never mind. It reminds me of having those days when you’ve got nothing better to do than hang out with your friends all day – the kinds of things that are now reserved for weekends, late nights after work, or vacations that are always too short – those precious moments I’d really rather be holed up in my house with the curtains drawn.

So, today I find all my co-workers gathered around the windows – eyes fixed on the volleyball court as they’re giggling away. On the court was a young roundish fellow, not the usual volleyball ripped ab and sun-kissed dude I’ve come to expect, playing volleyball by himself in the rain. He walked back and forth hitting the ball over the net, walking slowly across the court, doing a small jump at the net, fetching the ball and then starting the whole process over again. Back and forth he went. Occasionally, he’d simply bounce the ball in the air a few times and then dive down to the ground to save the ball from hitting the sand. An hour later, when I walked to the car, I saw he was still at it – covered in rain, sweat and sand and still hitting that ball alone.

At first I felt kind of sad and tried to get someone to go outside and play with him with my inspired speech, “c’mon guys, that’s just sad – look the little guy fell – someone go play with him!” But now, after knowing he played solo for at least an hour I have to admit that I kind of admire his spunk and his ability to just get out there and play without any need for a partner.

I also see that of the many things I refuse to do alone, I’m going to have to add this one to the list – “will not play volleyball by myself”. Had I known it was a solo-able sport before, it was have made it on the list long before now.

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