The Estate Sale

Last week we all got together at 6am to hock Mom’s things. My aunt and cousin had put in hundreds of hours to have what one dealer later called “one of the best estate sales I’ve ever been to” – with everything displayed and priced. The estate sale started at 7am, but by 6:30 cars were lining the cul-de-sac literally 3 cars deep. There’s nothing quite like peeking out the window to see that many cars aimed menacingly at your house.

We all agreed that we couldn’t make any last minute runs to our cars to put away those things we decided not to sell. At 7 we opened the garage, which threw off a bunch of the dealers who were stationed at the door. As soon as the crowd started moving to the garage, my aunt came through the front door thinking the path was clear to make it to her car. People stopped mid-step once they heard that front door and literally ran into the house shouting, “I was here FIRST!”

Being “first” may matter at a blue light special, but you’re shopping at a house. I warily applaud your first-ness. Kendra, bless her naïve heart, agreed to be the cashier and was immediately swarmed as a line formed through the living room and into the kitchen. People were shoving each other and grabbing items from other people’s hands. Early on, Kendra tried to ask my aunt a question about a price only to be told by an irritated “customer”, “she was helping ME first!” Right, go on with your bad first-ness. One of the dealers made sure Kendra knew that he strongly disapproved of the way Mom’s jewelry was displayed, “this should be laid out under good lighting so we can see it all better.” Yes, when we open up our estate store we’ll gladly design it to YOUR specifications. We live to make sure you’re having a more pleasant garage sale shopping experience. Please fill out our survey. Call this 1-800 number and you could win a rousing round of golf clapping.

I guess posting “estate sale” in the classifieds causes the dealers jerkosterone levels to rise, thankfully they slowly congo-ed away with their finds to hit the next sale. Around 9 the sane people appeared – those people just casually poking around, sharing stories and picking up their finds as if they were treasures. Our best shoppers of the day were the little girls who got into Mom’s collection of crane game toys and loved and squeezed on them until their parents handed over a quarter. (My Mom was AMAZING at the crane game and always had tons of little stuffed animals lying around.)

We closed up shop around 5 when one last nut finally found the exit. There’s going to be a repeat of the sale soon to hopefully get a little more out, but we did really well – all thanks to a lot of hard work put in by my aunt and cousin. I can’t possibly thank them enough. Also, big thanks to Kendra for being the eye of the shopping storm.

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