For Mother’s Day

Pam, the talented author of the Writing, Work and Weasels blog, had a nice idea for Mother’s Day – write some of your favorite mom memories for Mother’s Day.

Here are a couple of mine that I haven’t previously shared.

A trait I inherited from my Mom is the ability to take a common word and suddenly, without warning, treat it like it’s an alien word. (For me, back in the late 80’s, I was completely against a movie called Plato On – I still blame the dog tags for that beautiful mix-up. I even remember saying out loud when I saw the slide come up on the screen, “Who would want to see Plato On?” … just another reason I’m known as the token blonde among some of my friends.) So, off Mom goes to McDonald’s. She glances over the menu and sees something new – a ham burger. Oh, this looked good – something new to try so she moseys up to the cashier and says, “I would like a HAM burger”. When she opened the wrapper, she discovered they’d given her an ordinary “hamburger” and nearly went up to the register to complain before the synapses started firing.

My Mom was also a huge autograph hound back in the day and could typically be found on the runways of Dallas’ Love Field airport chasing down people like Judy Garland, Jane Mansfield, Jimmy Stewart, etc. The news crews began shooting around Mom, because she was a fixture out there. She and a friend convinced a young Shirley Jones that they were forming a Shirley Jones fan club and gained entry into her hotel room, “interviewed” her and took her picture. That picture is in our family album. However, Mom, fearless when it came to the famous became completely overwhelmed by Jane Goodall. After standing in line and nearly reaching Ms. Goodall, Mom became embarrassed and too shy to even be near her. Mom then ducked out of the line and basically hid. My aunts gave her a hard time for a long time on that one.

I’ll end this with another photo from Mom’s album – another of her memories from Love Field when she was 13.

Pam, thank you for sharing your memories about your mom and encouraging us to share our own.

2 thoughts on “For Mother’s Day

  1. Pam says:

    Thanks, Beth! I loved your “Mom Memories!” Hope you had a great day.

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