Vacation Music

Just a little more on the helicopter tour – I completely forgot to mention the music that was piped through our noise reducing headphones. As we taxied (as much as a helicopter can taxi) down the runway the first song scampered into our headsets – the theme to Top Gun. I shot Jay the “YAY! It’s Top Gun! I’m simple!” look (and I may have even clapped – I’m like that when I get stupidly giddy) and got in return the “OMG, how LAME. Cheeeeezey. I’m bemused” look in response. Sheryl Crow’s “Leaving Las Vegas” came on as we were… yes, leaving Las Vegas. I shot the “Brilliant” look to Jay and got the “WEAK!” look back. I’m not sure about the songs to the Grand Canyon because I then became worried about the gal next to me as I tried to count the number of bags she went through, but on the way home we got Waggoner’s “Flight of the Valkyrie’s”, the theme music from “Mission Impossible” and of course “Viva, Las Vegas!” as we swooped back down the strip. The only two songs I would have added, “Paint it Black” and the theme from the James Bond movies.

As I mentioned before, it was the song from Boney M’s “Rasputin” that is still stuck in my head. I’m still amazed that you can in fact rhyme Rasputin with both the words “queen” and love “machine”.

I’m sure more pseudo stories will occur to me as time passes and as I now quietly listen to the music from “O”.

One thought on “Vacation Music

  1. Anonymous says:

    congrats, you guys! will you post more pics?brandor

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