Meet Lynn

[Picture of Lynn in her element – holding court at a convention giving everyone the Lynn attitude of “Look…” (I’ll let Lynn fill in the rest of that very Lynn statement)- this picture captures the essence of Lynn.]

… and on our first day in Vegas, we (Jay, Jeff, Kendra, Buddy & Lynn) crossed some walkway either heading to the Bellagio or maybe it was Ceasar’s Palace – it doesn’t matter – I think we were hunting for food – and walking towards us was Gene Simmons. We did what any normal people would do upon seeing a rock god, we immediately turned on Lynn.

… and here’s why:

A great story about Lynn as told by our friend Harry – I don’t really have permission to print it, but he’s the forgiving sort. Read fast just in case he makes me take it down.

Lynn’s story.

We’re at the pinnacle of geekdom, where geeks and pop culture clash like peanut-butter and chocolate, smeared on a brick, and thrown through someone’s car window.

San Diego Comic Con.

Lynn, who has already once in the history of Con managed to turn both eyes in every one of over 40,000 heads in attendance towards Buddy (her husband) via the power of her mighty lungs, is tired. She is so tired, she has decided to sit on the floor, back against the wall, with her Mickey Mouse backpack sprawled on the ground and going through the fruits of her labors during the long and arduous hours at the Con.

Towards us walks a figure who, through decades of practice, through a lifetime of being told that he is the best (and proving it to himself, if no-one else) manages to make even his stride something to gaze upon in awe. He is a man who many call a god, others would call a devil, and most would not call a demon, but THE DEMON. Buddy, ever eloquent, looks in his direction and mutters, ‘Hey, cool. Gene Simmons.’

THERE! Behold the name spoken aloud causing chaos and calamity! And more! The Demon spoke as well, though surely he spoke under his breath for the full force of the utterance of his tongue would bring forth women from the world over bearing gifts of boobies and arse! So spaketh the Demon, under his breath, ‘Hey cool, Mickey Mouse.’

To which, Lynn, our fiery banshee of the unhindered voice… she who has the innate power to completely disregard the barrier between thought and speech, let burst forth a declaration of undying love and fealty…


Ah… yes. (GASP!)’Sh… Th… THBBBBBBT!’ – Soon to be distributed to more people than the bible, for it, unlike any other religious text in the world, needs no translation. It is pure, uninterrupted (and unintelligible) language.

Thank you, Lynn. Thank you for showing us the light and the way.

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