Save the Date (Unofficial Version)

It’s creeping up on my birthday again and it’s a big one – one of those that end in a big fat 0.
This birthday is going to be celebrated in two parts – the first part will be devoid of the big “to-do” – no one has to skate (unless they want to!) or bowl and there won’t be a “bag of mystery” to select prizes from. NOPE! (I promise we’ll get back to that next year.) In fact, this first part will actually be held on a Saturday instead of the traditional Tuesday.

This year we’re looking at hanging out in a steak house for a couple of hours. Yes, since it’s a 0 birthday, I get to have barely cooked cow with a side of cow and cow sprinkles. If you’re sensitive about cow eating, I’m sorry, but cows are yummy and with the right sauce I’d dare say they’re heaven. Mmm cow, how I love thee. You can have a roll.

I’m announcing this now because you need to cancel plans with your own families over the holidays; you can see them next year. Better still, fly/drive/run on Sunday because this is going to be on December 22nd.

Now in case you can’t make it. That’s ok. As you all know, I don’t hold a grudge. No sirree… I’m a completely understanding individual. I mean, it’s not like it’s a BIRTHDAY THAT ENDS IN A 0 – HOORAY I MADE IT THIS FAR kind of thing. Still, I’ll give you option 2 – my REAL celebration. Dragoncon 2008, which happens over Labor Day. I’m giving you 11 months notice to save money, save up vacation leave and to get your tickets now for only $50 (if purchased by November 15.)

Who doesn’t want to see my hoot and holler over the cast of Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Star Trek, Firefly, Ghost Hunters, MythBusters and … err Happy Days, because nothing says SciFi like Joanie, Ralph Malph and Pottsy. My goal: picture WITH Adam Baldwin and I will try to not make an ass of myself by telling him I wanted him to be My Bodyguard since 7th grade. (In fact, I need to start saying that as my mantra so I don’t embarrass any of you that actually can go.)

So, there it is – SAVE THE DATES! Real Save the Dates coming soon!

PS. If you read the blog (and I know your face), I want you to be there so no guff giving if the e-mail ball gets dropped; I’m an airhead. Just ask me for the location and be ready for COWWWWWW (or pork or salmon… if you must insult me on my birthday).

3 thoughts on “Save the Date (Unofficial Version)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cow sprinkles…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why must you hate the bag of mystery??? It loves you!

  3. Pam says:

    Happy 0-something birthday! : ) I like cow too, but I’m not sure about the cow sprinkles!

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