RANT: What My Dog is Worth

We own a lot of frivolous things – from the PlayStation that now only acts as the DVD player to our computers, computer subscriptions, DVD collection, etc. etc. ad nauseum. In fact, there are few things we have in our house that we actually “need”. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking all we really “need” is the bed (since I’m terrible about sleeping on the hard floor), the refrigerator and the stove – maybe a book or two to pass the time, but in the world of “need” you can eliminate a lot of stuff if you had to. But I choose to have the things I do around me, because I enjoy them and I don’t go over to your house and criticize your “needs” – we all accept them – home entertainment systems, pool tables, art – all potentially expensive – all arguably unnecessary.

So, let me get to my rant. My dog. She’s not a couch, a big screen TV, or china. She’s our dog and she’s our dog who is having a hard time right now. What makes me absolutely crazy is the person who says “wow, a neurologist… is she worth spending the money on?” Let me make this 100% clear. She’s worth it to me. She’s worth more than all of my possessions. My couch doesn’t care if I come home. It doesn’t care if I tell it it’s a good couch or a pretty couch. My couch doesn’t want treats when its performed well nor does it look up at me with a concerned pillowed face when I’m upset; that’s Sam.

My unfunny little rant today – if you don’t want me to critique the crap you buy to prop yourself up, don’t ask me if my dog is worth it ever again, because she’s worth more than every damn thing I own if she can smile again, if she can blink again, if she can perk up her ear one more time.

3 thoughts on “RANT: What My Dog is Worth

  1. Lori says:


  2. Charla says:

    YES!YES!YES! Love you, love your guy, love your pup, love your kits…your couch? not so much.

  3. Swanksalot says:

    had the same reaction when our cat, Cleo, was ill last summer. We spent a lot of money on MRIs and whatnot, but you know what, we’d do it again, even though Cleo ultimately didn’t survive. I don’t know about you, but I plan on not having to carry big bags of cash with me into my cremation urn.

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