Beware the Banshee

I don’t believe in ghosts or leprechauns or fairy mounds. I’m a left-brained “everything under the sun can be explained if we have the proper tools and knowledge”. Ghosts can range from poor plumbing, old flooring, exposure to high EMF fields, and an overactive imagination. Their only use is to scare campers and movie-goers. My rational is what gets me through the day and it happens to apply to aliens, too. Can you say “weather balloon”?

Many, many years ago my hyper logical left side of my brain and I were driving back from Dallas with my cousin who was asleep in the passenger seat next to me. A low wailing sound began to claw its way into my consciousness.
Left brain: What is that?
(the left side of my brain fled to hide behind some simple algebraic formulas to keep it occupied while rocking in place and nursing its binky)

Yes, the cry of the banshee. If you have any drop of Irish blood, you know her cry and you understand deep in the core of your soul what she heralds… death. In that moment, I understood absolutely that someone in my family was in jeopardy and here I was stuck somewhere between Dallas and Austin worrying. I panicked.

I woke up Kim to see if she could also hear her cry. After a few moments Kim could hear her, too. If Kim could hear her, that could only mean it was Mom’s side of the family. As her insistent wail continued, Kim pointed out a mist forming in front of the car – a mist that grew denser and spread along the hood threatening to block my view. What if the banshee was signaling that it was time for one of us to let go of this mortal coil? Take Kim! She’s the cute one! She’s got a great laugh! You’ll like her!

Kim: I think it’s coming from under your hood.
Me: ???

Stupid radiator.

So, I’m just here to tell you… I don’t believe in ghosts or leprechauns or fairy mounds or banshees… no sirree. Fearing the closet is natural. Clowns might pop out from under the bed at any moment. And who really knows what dolls are up to when you’re not looking? The best way to stuff down these irrational, easily explained fears late at night when strange noises come out of no where? Lots of lights! Because we all know that creepy things fear the light… if they existed… which they don’t… but a bundle of lit sage brush will drive out evil… so I’ve heard…

One thought on “Beware the Banshee

  1. Charla says:

    Sure fire trick to foil the spy guys from Mad magazine in all black who could hide so easily under the bed:1) stand in middle of room, several feet away from bed and way they can get ya if they do not see your feet!2)keep feet covered at all times, no matter how hot it is…creatures under the bed LOVE feet!3)oh yeah, keep hall light on at all times…maybe even the one in the closet (with those louvered doors)cause spy guys HATE light.

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